Apple’s next iPhone is drawing closer to its official reveal and release date. However, there has been a lot of talk regarding some of the iPhone 8’s issues. Some of these relevant problems that deserve attention affect some features that might be considered important. Some of these issues allegedly involve wireless charging limitations, application of the Touch Id function for the smartphone, competition with the iPhone 7S due to release schedule, and OLED screen shortage until 2018. These factors will certainly affect the Cupertino firm’s attempt to sell more iPhone 8 units.

Wireless charging limitations

Unlike most Android smartphones that already feature wireless charging, reports claim that the management at Apple has decided against the use of open standards. This means that the iPhone 8 will most likely employ a proprietary system instead. Insiders also report that the feature will not be readily available during launch. It seems that it will require a future update to activate the wireless charging function of the smartphone. Furthermore, consumers who want to use their existing wireless charging base stations will have to purchase a new one from Apple. The company has always found ways to lock their users into their ecosystem.

Loss of Touch ID

Persistent rumors have also pointed out that Apple is having trouble integrating their Touch ID technology.

The problem appears to have stemmed from the Smartphone’s intended design. Since the new hardware is expected to no longer have a physical home button, its fingerprint sensor will obviously need to be relocated. It was speculated that the 8 will flaunt very small bezels, hence the reason for the home button’s removal. Maybe relocating the fingerprint sensor at the rear is also out of the question for their designers.

OLED supply shortage

Industry insiders expect the 8th generation iPhone to flaunt a curved-OLED screen, while the other two variants will still use the IPS LCD display. Reports are claiming that the supply chain for OLEDs is currently experiencing shortages due to increased demand.

Price difference factor

It has also been established that the launch of the iPhone 8 will be accompanied by the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus.

The latter two are evidently going to be an incremental upgrade from their predecessor. There is also the matter of price, which is definitely one of the biggest factors for consumers to make their purchase decisions. Smartphone buyers already suspect that the 8 will carry an estimated price tag close to $1,000 USD. In turn, this will make the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus even more appealing for those looking to upgrade their phones.