The GoPro Hero 5 successor is on its way. The titan Action Camera manufacturer is expected to release the GoPro Hero 6 by the second half of 2017. What excites GoPro enthusiasts are the impressive features of the upcoming action camera.

Hero 6 to save GoPro?

Apparently, the company is hoping that their next release will pull up its sales and bring back the hype of users after the flaws found in GoPro Karma. The stock of GoPro went down from $86 in October 2014 to $8 as of today. Hundreds of jobs were slashed because of this. Last year was tough for GoPro, since the Karma drone did not receive its expected success even after the flaws were fixed.

It is noted that Karma drones were recalled and relaunched to fix some issues.

Aside from that, Hero 5 also did not do well. Although the Hero 4 camera was successful in 2004, its predecessor the GoPro Hero 5 had poor sales same as the Karma drone. That is why the company is aiming to release a better camera this year to satisfy the expectations of users and to bring back the company to its previous success. GoPro Founder and CEO Nick Woodman confirmed that another powerful action camera will be out later this year. He teased that the company is working to release new cameras and accessories. He also revealed that the camera will be named Hero 6.


Reports indicate that the GoPro Hero 6 will support 360-degree videos with its multi-lens camera.

It will also support 4K resolution, 60fps video recording, and a powerful 1500mAh battery which allows users to film unforgettable moments for a longer period of time with a better quality. The rumor mill suggests that GoPro is also working on a chip for Hero 6. Also, it could embrace 8K resolution which could be its edge from its competitors.

Woodman revealed that Hero 6 is exploring a novel way to record videos using the multi-lens camera. He said that it will use a spherical camera which he called an "ultimate GoPro" wherein the videos will look as vibrant as the reality. Hero 6 also comes with virtual reality support. For its physical design, it has a slimmer look and it weighs 118g.

Just like its predecessor, it is also waterproof.

The company also aim to make it easier to share content from the GoPro Hero 6 allowing users to upload videos and photos directly to a smartphone. There will also be a quick app that could be used to share content to social media networks like Facebook and Instagram.

The next GoPro camera will indeed become a big hit if all these rumored specs will be featured in it. And it might help the company's revival once the new action camera will meet the users' expectations.