Fitbit is on a path of expansion which applies to both for the company’s line of products, as well as the size of the firm. Following the takeover of Vector and Pebble, two of the most popular and prominent companies, Fitbit revealed earlier in 2017 its intentions of launching the company’s smartwatch. Although the company executives refrained from giving an exact date for the launch of the smartwatch a few months into the news, reports surfaced stating that the new smartwatch may get delayed until fall. Now we get to hear that the smartwatch will be unveiled in late 2017.

Smartwatch not delayed, but will release next year, says CEO

In a turn of events James Park, the company’s Ceo stated during an interview that the smartwatch launch was never delayed and has been scheduled to make its debut in the latter half of 2017. According to Park, the Fitbit smartwatch will be focussing on endurance instead of premium features such as LTE support. Park stated that the smartwatch would go old school and provide the users with endurance rather than high-end features such as an LTE radio, which will be helpful for only some of its customer base.

Apart from that, the fitness giant will also incorporate an accurate GPS tracker in the wearable, which is not surprising as the feature has been a constant on all premium Fitbit wearables.

The GPS tracker other than helping the user deduce accurate location will also provide the smartwatch with a longer battery life. The smartwatch will be waterproof and will come equipped with an array of brand new biometric sensors, whose specification are yet to be known.

Fitbit smartwatch software yet unknown

Although we have some details on the upcoming Fitbit smartwatch, Park did not mention a word about the software on which the Fitbit smartwatch will be running.

Thus, it is not clear whether the company will use Pebble’s software or a different mobile OS. Apart from that, the price of the impending Fitbit wearable also has a big question mark in front of it. Thus, one can always hope that the device is reasonably priced for consumers to purchase and the company to garner profit out of its sales.

Rumored specs and features

Earlier in May, a slew of rumors about the specs and features of the upcoming Fitbit smartwatch surfaced online. According to the rumors, the wearable has been codenamed Higgs and will be coming with a built-in GPS, support for music services such as Pandora, and a heart rate measuring monitor. Supposedly the Fitbit smartwatch will provide a battery life of four days on a single charge.