One of the world's biggest and most influential actors is collaborating with arguably the tech world's biggest company. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson announced his partnership with Apple via Twitter earlier today, stating that they are set “to make the biggest, coolest, sexiest, funnest (is that a word?) movie ever.”

The tweet featured a movie poster that shows “The Rock” holding an Apple iPhone 7 Plus with several cuts out scenes of a car chase, an alien invasion, and a plane.

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The teaser poster for the Siri-themed movie bares the title “The Rock x Siri,” which is a big indication that this is definitely, an advertisement for the popular voice assistant.

With the skyrocketing competition between voice assistants of many different platforms, it is not a surprise for Apple to tap in one of the services of “The Most Electrifying Man in All of Entertainment.” Back in Worldwide Developers Conference 2017, Apple has announced their take on the home/voice assistant wars with the Apple HomePod, which of course, features Siri as the driving force behind the AI speaker.

How does Apple's HomePod match up with the competition?

Apple products have long been a symbol of luxury and quality and with Siri, still being considered as one of the most efficient and easy to use voice assistants out there, everything looks good for Apple's AI speaker.

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However, there is one glaring problem that might turn off potential consumers from buying it, and that is it's $349 price tag. As compared to the competition, the HomePod’s $349 price is steep if matched up to its current rivals the Amazon Echo at $180 and Google Home at just $129.

Even considering the fact that the Amazon Echo and Google Home are way ahead in terms of market share, with 70% of the consumer using the Echo speaker while 24% is patronizing Google Home. Not to mention Microsoft also wants a piece of the pie with its Cortana based speaker launching this fall.

So how is Apple planning to lure in consumers in purchasing the HomePod?

Apple looks to separate itself from the competition by highlighting the HomePod’s sound quality. As Amazon and Google focus more on the AI or voice assistant experience of their products, Apple pushes forward the idea of having their HomePod as an all-in-one device, unlike the competition that you’d still need to buy a third-party speaker to complete its productivity. Apple CEO Tim Cook even went as far as referring to the HomePod as a way to "reinvent home music."

“The Rock x Siri” will be dropping today, July 24 on Apple’s official YouTube channel. Stay tuned here on Blasting News for your daily dose of tech news and updates.