Apple is expected to launch three new handsets in 2017. Two of those iPhones will sport the LCD screens, which have been a norm in all iPhones till date. However, the third handset, namely the iPhone 8, would feature an OLED display. This change is being brought on in a bid by Apple to catch up to the superior display quality of Android-powered handsets, due to the OLED technology.

A new report now claims that the Cupertino-based company would launch three iPhones in 2018 as well, similar to this year. However, the source claims that unlike the 2017 line up, Apple would include the OLED display for all its three iPhones in 2018.

This indicates that Apple would completely ditch the LCD panels for good.

Three new OLED smartphones?

The report is courtesy of Nikkei, which revealed that Apple is looking to deploy OLED displays on its iPhones post the second half of 2018. It further claims that the company would debut three new handsets next year, all of which will sport OLED displays instead of the inferior LCD panels.

In 2017 though, only the iPhone 8 is expected to boast the newer technology, while the refurbished 7s and 7s Plus will sport the LCD screens that have been seen in previous iterations as well. Earlier reports had predicted that the company would produce around 60 million units of the OLED panels for the iPhone 8 this year.

The OLED panel production was expected to double in 2018, and by 2019, all of Apple’s devices would sport OLED displays.

However, according to this new report, Apple seems to have bumped this transformation from LCD to OLED to 2018 now. The report further cited that the company has already started designing the 2018 lineup of iPhones.

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However, till date nothing has been finalized regarding the concept and des9ign choices.

Concerns over Apple’s OLED transformation

Some industry insiders wondered how Apple would go all OLED as early as 2018. The company is known to have invested heavily in the technology being developed by LG. However, currently LG is far from being able to deliver the huge number of panels that Apple would need for three devices.

In fact, Samsung is the only company which can fulfill the high demands from the company. So, it is quite likely that the OEM would have to order the OLED panels from its biggest competitor in the market. It remains to be seen what the Cupertino-based company decides to do.

For now, consumers will have to contend with the LCD screens on the next-gen Apple handset.