Red is known as a high-end camera maker, whose digital recording devices are so impressive that they are often used by Hollywood for shooting its films. However, the company has now turned to another market – namely smartphones. RED revealed that it was developing a high-end premium handset known as the Hydrogen One.

RED developing Hydrogen One

The company revealed some features of the device which sets it apart from other smartphones in the market today. The most innovative aspect of the device is its 5.7-inchd display which uses nanotechnology to seamlessly alter between 2D content, 3D content, holographic multi-view, and interactive games.

RED is marketing it as a Holographic Display.

RED founder Jim Jannard said that there was no way for him to explain how and what the display technology was. Instead, people would have to see for themselves to understand the innovative design and features of the screen. Jannard said that the Hydrogen One’s display is not lenticular, as it was a flawed form of technology which failed in the past.

Apart from the incREDibly innovative display, the company also found a way to insert an algorithm that would transform the stereo sound system into a multi-dimensional audio. This would allow users to get better immersion into the tunes. Users will also be given the opportunity to use modular attachments on their handsets, similar to the Moto Z series of handsets from Lenovo.

However, the Hydrogen One does not come cheap. For its state-of-the-art display and sound capabilities, the aluminum variant of the smartphone is priced at $1,195. A titanium model is also available bearing a price tag of $1,595.

High price justified?

Jannard said that considering the design and features of the Hydrogen One, the pricing is justified and is not overly expensive.

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He claimed that people had already started preordering the device even though most of its specs are still under wraps. The holographic display and improved audio output seem to have hit a chord with fans.

Jannard also stated that people had put their faith on the upcoming phone from RED, due to the reputation that the company as amassed over the years.

When RED first started, it was labeled as a scam company but has now come so far with its digital camera equipment that these devices have become the first choice for many Hollywood film directors.

Jannard says that he feels people expect the same quality from the Hydrogen One as well. No release date has been revealed yet, but the company has said that there will be limited production and that the device will not support the mods at launch.