Market experts had seen it coming. On Thursday, Apple announced the end of its Ipod Nano series. Three years ago, the Cupertino-based firm confirmed the death of the iPod Classic, which, like the Nano, has had its share of fans. It seems that their decision to cease the production of the portable music player is justified. After all, the iPhone has become the all-in-one device consumers use to enjoy their tunes. However, the tiny music player was a beloved device that represented a fun and compact way to bring your music with you.

The first generation model, 2005

The first iPod Nano that came out looked exactly like the iPod Classic albeit in a super shrunk down body. It was available in black or white and carried the polished silver back cover.


It was an instant hit among fans due to its slim profile and how the late Steve Jobs unveiled the device. He surprised the crowd by pulling the player out of the coin pocket of his jeans. Moreover, Apple had already begun its move to flash memory storage from the regular mechanical hard drives used by the Classic.

Second generation in 2006

The following year, Apple again made headlines when it introduced more colors for the iPod Nano. Other than the color options, the second model features a rounded design. However, its form factor still resembles the original model except for the curved edges and metal body.

Third time not a charm

In 2007, the company made a drastic design change to the series.

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The third generation unit lost the elongated slim form to parade a short wide body that was unexpected. Industry experts at the time point out that Apple wanted a display ratio that could fit music videos. Unfortunately, its small screen hardly encouraged users to watch videos on the device.

Fourth-gen player, 2008

Realizing their mistake with the previous model, they revisited the older design. This time around they made the screen longer and featured more colors than the 2005 model. Its housing still retained the matte texture that minimized scratches and smudges.

Model number five, 2009

Consumers were reportedly surprised and disappointed at the same time when the fifth generation iPod Nano was revealed.


They appear to have lazily used the prior year’s design and polished the body for a glossy look and added a camera. This actually made consumers think that Apple can no longer innovate and have gotten lethargic with their designs.

The touch of number six, 2010

The sixth generation version was another bold step for the company as they took small square touchscreen and put some Apple magic inside. This model was so compact that accessory makers turned it into a touch-screen wristwatch, which was not a common sight back then. Sadly most purists felt that the device was too different from its predecessors.

Seventh and eighth models were the last

The last Design Change for the iPod Nano could not save the product line as more consumers preferred to use their smartphones. It hardly made an impact in the market anymore and Apple has finally decided to pull the plug on the Nano series. It's currently unclear if the company will revisit it in the future as they dedicate their efforts on their iPhone lineup for now.