GPU-manufacturer AMD recently made an announcement, making the naming-system of its flagship Vega gaming card official. It seems like the firm has decided to go with the title, ‘Radeon RX Vega,’ for its latest version of the power-packed graphics processing system. Several reports indicate that the latest Amd Radeon RX Vega will most probably be replacing the R9 Fury cards that were launched by the firm sometime last year. During the launch of R9 Fury cards, the company had promised its fans that they were going to bring the Radeon graphics cards back into the game, soon.

This is obviously where Radeon RX Vega comes in.

The firm took the wraps off its Radeon Vega Frontier Edition for data centers on June 27, thereby targeting the sector that generates the most revenue. Following this, speculations regarding the firm wanting to introduce its gaming Radeon Vega line-up at the upcoming SIGGRAPH, 2017 started popping up online. Alongside the gaming Radeon Vega line-up, the company is also expected to take the wraps off its FirePro workstation Vega-based GPUs at the SIGGRAPH event that is scheduled to take place towards the end of July.

Readers are advised to note that AMD will merely be announcing the launch of their systems. This does not necessarily mean that they will be available for sale almost immediately. If rumors are believed to be true then, AMD plans on officially making its Vega-based GPUs for gamers available for sale by the end of August.

The competition of GPU market

The company wishes to ensure that their products hit the shelves before their rivals including MSI, ASUS, Gigabyte, and Sapphire launch any of their products.

As mentioned previously, AMD has already launched its Vega-based GPU for professional workers late last month. The system comes along with great features and promises to deliver a powerful performance. In fact, the output is so impressive that it has further raised the fan’s expectations with regards to its Vega-based GPU for gamers.

Speculated specs and features

As far as the specifications of the upcoming Vega-based GPUs are concerned, it has been reported by PCGames that the system can easily output a maximum of 512TB in terms of storage.

According to the company, their latest Vega architecture is among the world’s most scalable GPU memory architecture. The processing chips come featuring a new design, that ensures the possibility of concurrency has expanded and the performance remains uninterrupted even if the workload increases. No other information, except for what is mentioned above, has been revealed as yet. Moreover, the above given details haven’t been confirmed by the company as yet.

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