AMD has been dominating the graphic cards market since a very long time. Its latest innovation, Radeon RX Vega, has managed to bring just even more success to the company. Multiple reports have indicated that the AMD Radeon RX Vega has the highest Power Consumption in the market. In fact, an unidentified MSI employee went even further on to attest the same.

Rumors and updates of AMD Radeon RX Vega

According to several reports recently emerged online, AMD still hasn’t officially taken the wraps off its gaming-oriented Radeon RX Vega. However, the company surely has shared quite a few key details regarding the upcoming GPUs especially in terms of its specification.

Thanks to the company’s constant updates, it has also been confirmed that AMD RX Vega is going to come packed with an HBM2 memory. Furthermore, the RX Vega is built upon the latest Vega 10 GPU architecture. Adding to the already-ongoing hype surrounding the upcoming card, an alleged MSI employee earlier this week stated that it is going to be a power hog. This statement was first spotted on a Dutch-based platform by Tweakers forum.

Rumored specs and features of the upcoming GPU

As per Videocardz, the MSI employee stated that he has seen the complete specification list of AMD’s Vega RX. On the basis of that, he concluded that the card will require a lot more power than previously expected. Furthermore, he added that AMD realizes that and thus, has already begun work on it before the launch of the same arrives.

If MSI employee’s statement is authentic then it is safe to assume that AMD has begun disclosing RX Vega’s complete specification list to all of its hardware partners. Additionally, as reported by PC Gamer, the companies have even started contributing towards the growing need of the upcoming cards.

The report also noted that it doesn’t come across as a surprise that AMD’s upcoming Vega cards require so much power.

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Even though AMD hasn’t confirmed any of the prevailing power requirements of the upcoming cards yet, the online listings appear original. If the reports are believed to be true then AMD’s upcoming Vega Frontier Edition is going to come equipped with 375W TDP for its liquid-cooled version and a 300W for its air-cooled version.

According to a report published by Fudzilla, which cited unnamed sources, AMD is expected to launch its RX Vega cards towards the end of this year. The prices and other specifications regarding the same haven’t been confirmed by the company as yet.