"Project Cars 2" is officially making a comeback this September. It has been officially announced worldwide that this most exciting Racing Game will finally have its second sequel after its first release back in 2015. Bandai Namco has also shared further details with the upcoming sequel, and he revealed certain information about the sandbox-style career mode, improved handling, and multi-class gameplay of the game.

"Projects Cars 2" is set to be made available globally into various devices like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC2. September 22 will be the official launching date of the said gaming sequel.

Meanwhile, a new trailer has also been released which features some of the unique driving modes of the cars for racing. One of the enhanced features of the game is its revamped controls. Apparently, this is one of the features which players usually love.

Career mode

The official trailer of "Project Cars 2" promises a little slice of what is being expected from the gaming sequel. Apparently, the trailer features the first public demo of the game where cars are allowed to be used on a career mode. This feature enables players to go to an open path which will lead them to the racing karts and eventually to the world's top sports car.

Meanwhile, this enhanced gaming sequel will now allow players to specialize in a single motorsport and or even try their hand into multiple ones.

Bandai Namco also added the multi-class racing feature since it is one of the frequent requests of their fans. This will now allow players to choose the kind of car and truck which they can use for racing.

Varied track conditions

Another exciting feature that is to be expected from "Project Cars 2" it is multiple car classes.

Further, players can also choose the kind of track conditions where they wish to play the game. It will have an enhanced 24-hour weather cycle, and this game now supports virtual headsets for a better gaming experience.

For the avid fans and players, the game sequel will be made available in the third week of September. Nonetheless, anyone can opt to pre-order the game and enjoy some goodies along with your purchase.

Further, online purchases will also allow players to select among the different editions of the game.

For pre-order of the PC2 game, the limited, colors, and ultra-edition are already made available for grabs. Meanwhile, in order to be updated prior to its release, you can also visit their website and know more about the details of "Project Cars 2."