Speculations regarding the Apple's next-gen iPhone 8 have been on the rise as the impending launch period of the handset draws near. Fans are eager to find out what the next iteration of the iPhone will boast. Aside from leaked images and information, certain data is derived from more reliable sources.

Such a source has indicated that the iPhone 8 will include a feature that will allow customers to recharge their handsets without wires and will also be water proof. The report arrives from none other than CEO of Wistron, a manufacturing partner of Apple.

Wireless charging and waterproof body of the smartphone

On Wednesday, June 14, Robert Hwang , CEO of Wistron may have confirmed that the next edition of the iPhone will bear the wireless charging and waterproof features. Hwang was perhaps talking about the increased complexity of developing the product over previous generation iPhones. The waterproofing may be the same level of water resistance that was found on the iPhone 7, since Wistron is currently manufacturing the iPhone SE.

However, the mention of the wireless charging feature may have been an unintentional slip up from the Chief Executive. Many Apple fans have been demanding this added feature, more so since the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 lineup.

This year, the Cupertino-based company may finally oblige fans on this aspect.

Earlier hints of wireless technology on iPhone 8

Previous rumors have also indicated the inclusion of the wireless charging feature in the tenth anniversary edition of the iPhone. KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, a well known tipster when it comes to Apple products, claimed that the upcoming handset from Apple will boast the wireless charging technology.

A leaked schematic also surfaced online which allegedly showed off the large antenna needed for the wireless charging inside the next-gen phone.

A Reddit posted a few days ago also revealed the front and back panels of the upcoming device. It was revealed that the back panel was made out of glass, which is a requirement for any device looking to incorporate the wireless charging functionality.

This too pointed to the fact that the iPhone 8 may come with the wireless charging feature.

It would make sense for Apple to get aboard the wireless charging bandwagon since its primary competitor, Samsung, has introduced the technology in its flagships, the Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy S8. People using Samsung’s flagship devices have also revealed that with the wireless quick charge option, the Galaxy S8 gets fully charged up much faster than the iPhone 7 does with wired charging. These comparisons between the two may have prompted the Cupertino-based company to house the technology in its upcoming smartphone.

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