When Apple launched the #ios 10.3.1, the safety of the said #Mobile Operating System has been thrown into hot waters as hackers started launching counterattacks to infuriate its tech security. On the other hand, reports say that the jailbreak tool will be released in a much later time which heightens the threat pressed on iOS devices. However, according to The Christian News, a recently released update is all set to do the job.

The Cupertino-based tech giant has been working hard to strengthen its own mobile operating system. Their success has been evident since no iOS 10 jailbreak tool has been reported in the recent months.

Apparently, jailbreakers are having a hard time to find any weak point to breach the said iOS version.

Pangu accepts the jailbreak challenge

Collective Chinese hackers Pangu is reportedly taking serious steps to overcome the challenge and release their own iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak tool. Their team is expected to release the update sometime in June. This means iPhone onlookers will have to wait for a long time before they can hack their own mobile phones.

Alternative iOS 10.3.1 JB tool

But for those iPhone users who can no longer wait to hack their iOS devices, jailbreak celebrity and self-confessed hacker Luca Todesco has an alternative. This Italian researcher was able to release the Yalu jailbreak tool that will aid iOS owners to perform the jailbreak.

According to The Blorge, the Yalu tool might just crack the 10.3.1 iOS version. In addition, Todesco's system is capable to jailbreaking both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

In addition, Todesco's system is capable to jailbreaking both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. On the darker side, it may not work other iPhone models and the iPad bandwagon.

What is iOS 10 jailbreak?

For the uninitiated, to jailbreak is a way of hacking your own iOS device in order to unlock certain software capabilities that are bound to limitations set by the developer. It has been the favorite activity of Apple users for a decade now. For example, a jailbroken iPhone will now be able to download apps outside the App Store and gain access to any third-party website.

Thus, jailbreaking allows an iPhone owner to modify his/her own device's operating system according to the preferred setting. However, be warned about the risks it can bring to the device.

New hint for iOS 11 release

On the occasion of Apple's WWDC 2017, #Luca Todesco has tweeted a cryptic message regarding the upcoming iOS 11 beta 1. Amid his ongoing works with PS4 and other tech research, the security researcher's tweet is highly speculated to be directed at the newly launched iOS 11. He is also been spotted poking at Apple's latest mobile OS.

Catch the tweet here: