When #Apple took center stage at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2017 (WWDC 2017), the tech giant unveiled new developments and new devices launching this month. However, there are 10 other important changes that the company did not announce.

10 important changes Apple aficionados should know

  • New 110-key wireless keyboard

The Cupertino-based company is finally having a wireless keyboard in its hardware bandwagon.

The full-sized wireless keyboard will feature 110 keys.

  • NFC chip

Apple gadgets can now read data from the Near Field Communications (NFC) chip. Fewer iPhone users are familiar with it but this tech has been around since 2014 for smartphones enabling contactless Apple Pay transactions.

  • New screen video recording

This new feature allows videographers to record clips and gamers to video their play for social media sharing.

  • Au revoir Facebook, Twitter integration

Apple’s latest iOS 11 update removes a majority of apps from its #social network integration. Apple has noted that the said feature is “not likely to be well received.” However, this change is expected to bring equal terms for smaller networks.

  • Revolutionary podcast app

It is quite known that Apple’s podcast app is inferior requiring users to tap on third party apps. But things are changing with iOS 11 which is reportedly pulling off an Apple Music-style visual overhaul.

  • Wi-Fi password sharing

Apple is adopting Microsoft Windows 10’s Wi-Fi password sharing feature via iOS 11.

For an overview, when an iOS 11 device has been visible on the home network, a nearby device can allow an access by simply clicking on the network SSID. Then a request will prompt on the said device. Admin will have to accept the request. Finally, the password will be sent over the air to the new device.

  • iCloud Bundles

Free stuff will be given to iCloud Family subscribers.

Note that only those who pay for up to two TB of cloud storage space will have the eligibility to share between members of your iCloud Family.

  • iMessage chatlines for business

Apple is venturing to the first line of customer service. The new business chat via iMessage chatlines allows iOS users to connect to a brand's communication team without needing to navigate through complex phonebooks or find the right form on the website.

  • QR code camera scanner

Another life saver, iOS 11 supported cameras will now be able to recognize QR codes.

This will lay out to iOS users saving them the difficulties of typing URLs.

  • Apple Pencil now has a case

Rather a minor update, a case specially crafted for Apple Pencil is definitely a must have. In case the pen is no longer in use, owners are often weary on where to keep them safe.

Here's why Apple opted not to announce these changes at WWDC 2017?

According to The Guardian, one of the reasons why these changes did not make it at Apple’s 2017 WWDC lineup is because most of these updates are obvious adaptations from its competitors. Thus, publicly launching them on the world stage will only taint Apple's trailblazer reputation to a copycat.

On the other hand, these 10 important updates will surely make waves on their own. Make sure to #Check them out while they are hot!