In the world seemingly dominated by iPhones, it's somehow refreshing to hear the big shots like the tech giant, SpaceX, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk admit that he's using another mobile phone brand instead of the very popular model from Apple.

Last June 18, Elon Musk posted a photo boasting of a gift he received - a monogrammed iPhone case with gold plated chains of cat ears and three-leafed clover. This sparked a discussion among his followers on the topic of smartphones and what he is actually using.

Elon Musk swayed by satire video

In a surprising turn of events, Musk replied and admitted that he is using an Htc Droid as his real phone.

He further explained that he ordered his current HTC phone after watching an iPhone 4 satire video called "I want an iPhone 4" apparently posted on YouTube in 2010. The video mocks people who buy an iPhone just because of the name.

In the video, a person went to a smartphone mall to purchase an iPhone but the sales person recommended HTC EVO instead. The salesperson insisted that the iPhone 4 was sold out and proceeded to enumerate the advantages of using the HTC Evo. The person did not manage to convince the buyer, but the video surely did influence Musk. He said he bought his HTC Droid after seeing the satire video.

The real Tony Stark was compelled to answer his followers when some of them said that the post is his way of admitting that he uses an iPhone.

Musk using an iPhone is an "embarrassment" according to some of his followers.

The businessman is known to have this fondness for social media, particularly Twitter. He usually interacts with people using the social media platform and this case is no exception. He replied to finally settle the ongoing debate as to which mobile phone brand in better.

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But the real winner in this situation is the Taiwan and China company HTC who, of course, took advantage of the situation. In the same Twitter thread, HTC replied by saying that they are way past the HTC Droid and that they would be releasing the HTCU11. But it didn't end there, as to recognize the impact brought by Musk's revelation of preference for the mobile brand, HTC said they would be releasing the new HTCU11 in "the perfect Elon Musk" color.

The color appears to be a gradient orangey-red reminiscent of the colors of Mars. Elon Musk's commercial spaceflight company SpaceX is working towards colonizing Mars.

Reports say that HTCU11 is the flagship model of the brand for 2017. It apparently has new features that let users squeeze the sides of the phone. It is also said to debut Alexa to the world of smartphones.