Atari was a beloved arcade gaming company many years ago, but it has fallen off in recent years. Moreover, it was one of the key companies in video games and they contributed a lot to gaming. They had excellent classic arcade games in "Pac-Man," "Ms. Pac-Man," and "Asteroids," among others. That is about to change as they announce a new gaming console.

A console is on the way

Atari has announced that it will release a PC based console named Atari Box. It is making a new console for the first time in over 20 years. It looks like the company is trying to compete with both Microsoft and Sony. Playstation has had a lot of success from its console's and so has Microsoft equally.

Atari CEO Fred Chesnais stated, "We're back in the hardware business," during an interview with GameBeats. The CEO did not offer many other details besides that the system will incorporate PC technology and that the design is still in development. Fred Chesnais is the latest CEO or owner of Atari.

The gaming company Atari had some tricks up their sleeve as they embark on a new journey. This is a new beginning for Atari as they have stated that this console has been years in the making.


It is said that the console looks a lot like the classic Atari consoles with a wooden finish. The Atari Box is looking to be just as powerful as the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and the Nintendo Switch.

A 21-second clip shows the wooden finish console with the company symbol glowing on the front. Nothing more has been shown so far.

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There is still no initial release date, although at the end of the video it states "Coming soon."

Can it compete with Microsoft and Sony?

It is great to see that Atari is making a new console, but the fact is that the company has been in trouble before. It has filed for bankruptcy numerous times.

The fate of Atari might rest on how this latest console does on the market. There has not been a lot of information stated on the console as of the moment.

It seems that Atari has stepped in this direction to battle other consoles. Due to the outrageous success of the Nintendo Classic HD edition, Atari might be looking to do something like that as well with their console. They have seen the success of many different consoles and are willing to take the risk to put it on the market.

The Playstation 4 has been the most successful selling a lot of consoles. Microsoft's Xbox One S and Xbox One has sold a fair amount. Although Microsoft is releasing the most powerful console yet, the Xbox One X.

What is known for sure is that the Atari Box will have a lot of competition with other consoles? The console will either cause the company to float or sink. And for their sake, I hope float. We must wait and see what the Atari Box has to offer.