After Apple’s last release, it was considered by tech fans that the new iPad product was an affordable luxury. However, the product itself has had its share of disappointments — making customers question if it’s value for money. The audio speakers, for instance, don't live up to its hardware and tech critics say that the retinal display is missing some important qualities which should be present in every iPad. Regarding the Product pricing, it was considered to be quite compelling since it was first released in the market with a starting price of 329 US dollars.

Apple’s previous iPad against the newest iPad Pro

The latest iPad Pro admittedly comes with a costly price, compared to the previous. The giant Tech Company released the product with an enormous price which doubles from the last iPad. Nevertheless, the cost of iPad Pro stood up with its high-tech features.

It is all about the product specs

Tech fans distinctly know that the only way to distinguish a product's overall uniqueness is through comparing and contrasting the specs of both devices. Doing a head-to-head comparison to both products' specs would help in the decision making.

Let’s talk about the processor. The new iPad Pro comes with the A10X Fusion processor: unlike the previous A9X processor, A10X features 6 CPU cores that dramatically improves the efficiency and battery life of the iPad.

In addition to that, the iPad Pro also features a twelve-core GPU.

In terms of storage, the iPad Pro is undoubtedly has a bigger capacity than the previous product with up to 512GB compared from the recent iPad storage of 256GB. With this, the user will have double space in its memory. Lastly, regarding the size and the resolution of the screen, the latest iPad has a 10.5-inch screen which is much bigger than its predecessor which only has 9.7-inch screen length.

In addition, the newest Apple product has a much higher pixel density and resolution. In line with that, Apple’s newest iPad contains higher brightness rolling out 600 nits, which breaks the previous record of 511 nits.


The decision to purchase Apple’s brand new product is going to be in the hands of the consumers.

Customers should contemplate enough on different aspects of whether they really need the iPad Pro’s latest upgraded features or if the previous product is good enough to sustain their needs. To be considered is also the product price which doubled, compared to the previous model.