The #OnePlus 5 is considered by most tech fanatics to be one of the best #handheld devices to roll out within this year in terms of its design and specs. Despite from the rumors that the OnePlus 5 got its look from the famous iPhone 7 Plus, tech fans still love its design. The question on everybody’s mind has been: can the device sustain its #Durability when tested?

Famous Youtube icon tests the durability of the OnePlus 5 smartphone

JerryRigEverything is a famous YouTube account because of its online figure Zach. Zach subjects almost every hardware to his renown torture test, such as Bend, Burn and Scratch test.

Zach just had to torture the recently unleashed Android smartphone.

Zach starts with the first test which was the Mohs scratch test. The OnePlus 5 smartphone started to show mild scratches with a hardness of six. When the hardness reached the scale of 7, the scratches were getting a little bit more noticeable. The Android phone ranked second against the HTC U Ultra smartphone, which is considered to be the most scratch-wise, durable smartphone that was tested on the show. The phone's Home button has a fingerprint reader made out of ceramic material and did not show any scratches when tested with a blade.

After surviving from the scratch tests, the bend test was up next. With only 7.25 mm thick, the Android smartphone is the company’s slimmest and thinnest smartphone.

The OnePlus 5 screen merely popped out as it was bent and it popped back in easily as it was bent from the opposite side.

Overall result of the torture test seems to be impressive

Last but not the least, the Android smartphone was subjected to the burn test. Zach placed the screen of the phone against a flame. The smartphone’s screen showed some kind of a white mark which even when rubbed, couldn’t be erased.

A certain media outlet pointed out that the mark was permanent for the reason that OnePlus 5 has an AMOLED display. Smartphone’s that usually has LED screens usually has temporary burned marks. Regardless of that, newest Android smartphone showed that it will withstand the heat of a fire just as long as it’s not a long exposure.

After all the torture that was placed on the OnePlus 5, it passed with flying colors and is considered to be one of the most impressive builds and durable smartphones of today.