Two years ago, June 30, 2015, Apple launched Apple Music. Apple's release of their streaming service that is embedded with iTunes has paved a new path for music once again. Since iTunes' launch in 2001, Apple has changed the way we listen to music on many platforms. They brought CDs to your computer, iPod, iPhone, and much more. A lot has changed since iTunes came to be 16 years ago, and people began to want more than having to purchase every single song that they wanted to listen to.

What makes Apple Music different

With Apple Music, along with Spotify and other music streaming services available, you just pay a monthly subscription to access all that service has to offer.

Apple Music is the leading service with the most songs as their library is now over 40 million songs that you have access to on your fingertips.

What also makes it different from streaming services such as Spotify is its integration with iTunes. You have the ability to play a song that dropped today through Apple Music and the next song playing be a song you burned off a CD from 2003. The continuity is very convenient for those who have been building their music library for years and prefer all of their files in the same place. It does the hard work for you.

Playlists are also very popular. Apple's pre-made playlist has been a hit for a lot of people. They are categorized by genre, artist, record company, mood, and activity.

They also have curators who make playlists as well. There are many options to choose from between "Today's Hits" and "All Day Dance Party." Playlists are consistently being added and modified.

Subscriptions available

They also offer a 3 month free trial period for new users to get accustomed to the service. They also offer a family subscription plan which eliminates so many payments for so many devices.

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Like other streaming services, they offer a student discount plan for those with a .edu email.

The future of Apple Music

The service started strictly for music and has gradually gotten more into video. Music videos were a start as they became available on the service. Apple got the rights for Carpool Karaoke in 2016 and since then has branched out to more video.

It is expected that they go more into video and other platforms to expand Apple Music even further than its original strictly music platform. It will also play a large role in the newly announced HomePod, Apple's home speaker announced at the beginning of June.