Apple released iOS 11 developer beta shortly after revealing it at the WWDC17 in San Jose at the beginning of June. After announcing this, Apple also shared that there would be a Public Beta version of iOS11 available at the end of June. With the Beta 2 out, the public version is predicted to drop any day now as the very end of June is quickly approaching.

With any beta, there is a lot of changes between the initial release and the one that typically is released in the fall. You can't get too comfortable with the software since it is continually being altered.

This beta is mainly a lot of bug fixes to enhance performance and productivity.

Bug fixes

Many of the bug fixes are not always noticeable at first. There are some such as the ability to delete voicemails without crashing and 3D touch sensor changes that may stand out more if those were issues that stuck out to you. As people continue to use this second beta, more information such as battery life quality will be easier to assess.

Do not disturb while driving

This function in the iOS 11 beta 2 for developers is now turned on. Do not disturb while driving can be accessed in the control center and settings. It turns off your notifications while driving. You can have your phone set up to automatically text certain people (if they contact you) saying that you are driving, so you won't miss an important call with no explanation.

You can choose to use this function manually, automatically, or it will turn on when your car is connected to a Bluetooth enabled vehicle.

Control Center

There is a button in the control center settings that you can turn on that makes it to where you can only swipe up for the control center on your home screen. This disabling of the control center feature is geared to those who play games or use other applications that require you to swipe up.

By choosing to eliminate the ability of the control center to pop up whenever you can use those apps more effectively.

Safari Settings Features

To access these, you just need to go to your Safari settings. You can turn off and on features such as CSS Spring Animations, SubtleCrypto, WebGPU, and more.

Mini fixes

1. When you pull down the notifications center, there is a slight blur compared to the first one.

2. You can now save pictures straight to "files" on the shortcut list.

3. The flashlight and battery, when turned on in control center, is now black instead of yellow.

4. In photos, the edit and details button are different. Edit is at the top right-hand corner and to access details; you just swipe up.

This highlights the main alterations of beta 2 from the original. There are other changes and bug fixes that will come to the surface as iOS11 beta 2 is further explored as the public waits for Apple to release the public beta.