Apple has finally confirmed that the new Imac will no longer support the target display mode feature. Further, the company also added that it will be discontinued for good. During the recent announcement of 2017 iMac, most of the users were expecting to hear the good news about target display feature. However, everyone was saddened after learning that these newest model will no longer have the feature that most of the users were dying to use.

Meanwhile, Apple further confirmed that they will no longer revive the feature. In the Apple Support page, it has been clearly stated that, “iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014) and later iMac models can’t be used as Target Display Mode displays.” Apparently, the company has just ended the most loved features of iMacs.

Target display mode

One of the most loved features of iMac is the so called target display mode. This allows users to connect its MacBook to an iMac and eventually will turn an iMac as an external display. Further, such feature also allows users to switch from iMac to MacBook, and vice-versa, as an original display.

Further, target display mode also allows users to multi-task and manages media sharing through a high resolution display. The feature will also allow users to make use of the keypad and to continue working on screen whenever problems will be encountered in the MacBook.

To recall, the feature was first launched in 2009 which supported some of the previous models like the 27-inch iMac. However, as they continued launching new iMacs and MacBook, the said feature was removed in 2014 and was completely discontinued in 2015.

High-resolution display support

Amid the fact that most of the iMac users loved the external display feature, Apple completely removed the feature three years ago since Thunderbolt 2 didn't have the capacity to support the high-resolution display of iMac 5K. Since then, Apple users hope that the feature will be brought back.

When Thunderbolt 3 was announced, many of the iMac users became happy after learning that it can already support high-resolution display.

Nonetheless, iMac users can still opt to use such feature through using an older device and if they won't upgrade anything at all.

With all these given options, Apple hasn't clarified the reasons why they choose to discontinue the feature. Apple users are hoping that the company will re-introduce the same feature or something better.

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