With the impending launch of the Apple iPhone 8, fans are still left wondering what the new handset will look like and what it will feature. Although there have been many rumors and claims regarding the upcoming device, people are still unsure which of the numerous speculations to believe in. Apple has been especially tight lipped about the iPhone 8, which is also known as the iPhone X or the iPhone Anniversary Edition.

However, one aspect of the device has puzzled not only fans but industry analysts as well. iPhone enthusiasts are still trying to figure out the exact positioning of the Fingerprint Sensor in the upcoming flagship from Apple.

The iPhone 8 being the first iPhone to ditch the physical home button has forced the Cupertino-based company to look for an alternate spot to mount the Touch ID sensor. However, recent report indicates that the company has yet to decide on a course of action in this regard.

Apple still unsure about Touch ID sensor in iPhone 8

An analyst from Cowen and Company, Timothy Arcuri, reported that Apple is still making up its mind on where to place the fingerprint sensor on the upcoming flagship device. One thing is certain according to Arcuri and that is that the iPhone 8 will not feature the Touch ID sensor on the back of the device. This has left Apple with three options on which to mount the biometric sensor.

The first option includes thinning the cover glass of the iPhone over the sensor’s area, while the second option suggests Apple can create a small pinhole on the glass so that an ultrasonic or optical sensor can scan the fingerprint. The final option will include a film sensor with either capacity or infrared technology, which will be integrated into the display itself.

Potential delay for the iPhone 8

According to Arcuri, no matter which option the Cupertino-based company chooses in the end, it will amount to a month or two of delay for the overall availability of the handset. He feels that, due to this delay, Apple will manage sales of around 46 million units. The Wall Street forecast earlier had put the sales figure to be closer to 47 million to 48 million.

However, Arcuri also stated that the company could sell 90 million units by the end of the holiday season.

The iPhone 8 is expected to land with a 5.8-inch display, out of which 0.7-inch will be taken up by the virtual home keys and other control buttons. Rumors indicate that the handset will come with vertically aligned dual rear camera. A facial recognition feature is also said to be housed on the new iPhone 8.