Apple is rumored to launch the 10th anniversary edition of the iPhone -- dubbed iPhone 8 -- this fall. Analysts predict the company may bundle wireless Airpods with the handset. Apple has not confirmed the iPhone 8 yet, but the rumor mill has been churning for several months.

The device is expected to include top-end features, but it may also have a steep price tag of $1,000. Normally, mobile phones include earphones and in Apple’s case the company includes EarPods as part of the iPhone bundle.

What analysts are predicting

Analysts at JPMorgan predict that Apple may include AirPods instead of EarPods with the iPhone 8.

The AirPods cost $159 and its inclusion in the box may justify the premium price tag of the next-gen phone.

Apple introduced the AirPods in September 2016 and since then the wireless headphones have been in high demand within consumers. Even after several months of launch Apple is unable to meet high demand and currently customers who order the AiPods from Apple’s online store would have to wait for 6 weeks before they get delivery.

Will Apple include AirPods with iPhone 8?

The short supply of AirPods could potentially impact the delivery time of iPhones. Although, the wireless earphones are currently among the most-popular accessories for iPhones and not everyone may want to use one, especially if it increases the price of the iPhone 8.

However, iPhones face a lot of competition from rivals mobile phones produced by Samsung, LG, Motorola, OnePlus, and more. Bundling the AirPods with iPhone may give Apple an edge over its competitors.

iPhone 8 launch delayed?

Prior rumors claimed that Apple may delay the launch of iPhones to 2018 due to short supply of internal components.

However, new rumors point that Apple is anticipated to unveil the handset in September this year followed by an October release. This means that Apple will reveal all three phones: the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, and the iPhone 8 this fall.

iPhone 8 Rumors

JPMorgan analysts predict that iPhone 8 will include a stainless steel body unlike the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus that are expected to feature aluminum chassis.

The smartphone is also expected to have a 5.85-inch edge-to-edge display. Current-generation Apple smartphones come with fingerprint sensors on the Home Button.

Undoubtedly, the handset will also include a fingerprint scanner but some rumors point that the sensor will be placed under the screen while others claim that Apple may position the sensor at the back of the device. However, Apple has not revealed any details of the impending device.