Good news is on its way for HTC 10 users on the Verizon network. The carrier has rolled out a Security Update for the HTC smartphone with version number 2.41.605.18. However, the month of the security patch has not been specified in the changelog.

If one had to guess, the security patch update that has been rolled out for HTC 10 is probably the April or May security patch from Google, as the smartphone received the Android 7.0 Nougat update in March 2017.

The security update has been rolled out over the air, so it may take some time before it hits all HTC 10 devices on the carrier.

However, if the security update fails to arrive on the notification tab of your device after a considerable amount of time, feel free to download and install it manually.

HTC 10 security patch

The security update can be downloaded and installed following two separate methods, namely the mandatory update method and the optional or user update method. For the mandatory upgrade, the user will notice a download notification pop-up on the left-hand side of the device’s screen once the server has started the software update.

The download, in this case, will commence automatically without any prompt from the user. Once the download is completed, the system update notification will come up on screen. Now, the user will choose whether to install the update now or later.

If the user chooses to Install Now, the process will start then and there, and the device will reboot itself automatically. In case the user goes for the Install Later option, the HTC 10 will ask the user to allot a particular time for the installation process to start. Lastly, the user can also dismiss the software update at that point of time and can download it once again via the manual process.

How to perform a manual update

A user can opt for the optional update method only if the OTA does not show up, or if they want to install the update at their convenience. For the optional software update, go to the Settings menu and select Systems Update. Tap on it to check for the new security patch.

If the security patch is available, an on-screen prompt will ask the user if they want to download the update now or later.

In case the user opts for the download now option, the file will be downloaded immediately. A user is then asked if they want to install it right then or later.

If the user chooses the Install Now option, the device will restart itself automatically and begin the installation. The user can also opt for the Download Later option, for which they have to mention a specific time and date when the download can occur.