Nintendo has been doing well recently with the release of the Nintendo Classic HD Edition, along with the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Classic HD edition was a good purchase to make because it is a great system to relive ones own childhood, it is a blast from the past. I was very interested in buying one myself, although the system was sold out and Nintendo has ceased making any more consoles. The console is great because it is slimmer, sleeker, and comes loaded with 30 games. It was priced at only $59.99 during its grand release in November, making it very affordable and reasonable.

Nintendo has been in tough competition and has not been doing well in past years with Playstation and Xbox, but with the release of the Classic HD edition and the Switch, it has helped the company out a lot.

Buying a Nintendo Classic HD Edition

There are not many ways to buy this console. Best Buy sold out and Gamestop is no longer selling them. Nintendo ceased production as well. A customer can purchase the system from or Ebay. They are both priced high, though. The console on Amazon is priced at $254.97 and $325 dollars on Ebay. Due to there not being many other systems available, people are outrageously raising the prices on the system. Customers have to be careful of not getting ripped off by numerous sellers or getting a used system that does not function well.

It's a great console and it puts Nintendo in the console war against Playstation and Xbox. The only complaints with this system is the fact that the controller cord is not long enough, and that the controller itself is not wireless -- as well as not being able to buy new games.

The Nintendo Switch

The Switch has been selling extremely well and is another great system to purchase.

This console was also sold out for a while. There is a high chance that the Switch will also cease production due to its high demand, like the Classic Edition HD. The Nintendo Classic Edition HD supposedly sold out because of the high demand. The company did not believe that it would be a big seller, through the console has had its own problems with warping issues and overheating.