Pulsefire Caitlyn will be the latest legendary skin added to the hugely popular MOBA game "League of Legends." This will be the second Pulsefire-themed skin, with Pulsefire Ezreal being the first of its kind. Caitlyn's first legendary skin is up on the PBE server, and many players have already gotten a chance to test it. With the latest PBE update, Riot has now added splash art for Pulsefire Caitlyn.

Splash art revealed

The official "League of Legends" Twitter account previously teased the upcoming Pulsefire Caitlyn skin by uploading an obscured picture, which you can see below.

With Riot finally revealing the splash art on the PBE server, players have gotten a first look at the official picture for the legendary skin. While both the skin and its splash art are subject to change, the initial response has been mostly positive.

As with all legendary skins, Pulsefire Caitlyn will have an updated model as well as plenty of new effects and particles.

The skin should be made available for purchase in the upcoming patch and is set to cost 1820 Riot Points, which amounts to around $13.

Pulsefire Caitlyn special interactions revealed

Legendary skins come with a new voice over, and the same goes for Pulsefire Caitlyn, of course. Players who enjoy delving into the rich and colorful world of "League of Legends" will also be looking forward to Caitlyn's special interactions with other champions.

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Using four different keyboard shortcuts, players can make their champions joke, taunt, laugh, or dance. When these actions are activated, newer champions and skins tend to have hidden special interactions with nearby champions that are somehow related to their backstory.

Pulsefire Caitlyn's special interactions have now been revealed in a video uploaded to the popular SkinSpotlights channel on YouTube.

This video is over 11 minutes long and shows just how many new lines the marksman has.

Furthermore, many of Caitlyn's new lines are activated when players purchase items or destroy enemy buildings. Many of these lines are comedic, but also touch upon her role as Piltover's sheriff.

Other than the usual balance changes that come with new patches, players can also look forward to two new chroma skins in patch 7.10. Both Brolaf Olaf and Headhunter Rengar are set to receive new chroma skins, which are "recolored variants to a champion's classic or purchasable skin," according to the "League of Legends Wiki." The first ultimate skin of the game, Pulsefire Ezreal, will also receive a visual update, which is something owners of that skin should be looking forward to.