Microsoft has launched a new firmware update for its Surface Pro 4 which will improve certain functionalities of the tablet-laptop hybrid. The update fixes issues with the sleep modes and hibernation modes. The battery life of the device will also get a boost from the new firmware version. However, will these updates be enough to keep the device competitive in the market today?

Firmware update details

The Microsoft tablet has met with mostly positive reviews from users and critics alike. However, since its release, the device has started showing its age.

The hardware and the software of the device, although spectacular at the time of release, are outdated now. This is perhaps the reason why Microsoft is constantly updating the device’s software.

The latest firmware update will improve the battery life of the hybrid device when it is in Sleep Mode. This is a useful tweak which will help users to maintain the battery without it constantly draining, even without use. The update will also prevent the touch support when the cover is placed on the screen.

The update changes the way hibernation works on the Microsoft device and it fixes the issue with the screen brightness when bringing the device out of sleep mode. Other features of the update include the improvement of the touch screen and an upgrade to Surface UEFI, which is the interface that was designed to replace the older BIOS.

The Surface Touch is also being updated to refine its functionality.

New tablet from Microsoft

The updates and fixes may seem small, but they go a long way in sustaining the tablet. Microsoft has also launched the Surface Pro recently, which is the upgraded version of the Surface Pro 4. The new device houses the seventh generation Intel processor, which comes with a better integrated graphics as compared to the processors of the previous generation.

Other important feature the new device comes with includes a better battery that offers up to 4.5 hours more life than the Surface Pro 4.

These updated features in the newer two-in-one device from Microsoft may entice fans to upgrade and in the process ditch the older Surface Pro 4. It is true that the company has been trying to keep the software updated since the older laptop/tablet cannot keep up with the improved hardware in the new devices. It remains to be seen if Microsoft can keep extending the life of its older device with similar firmware updates in the future.