The Samsung Galaxy S8 series became available for purchase in the U.S. on April 21. The smartphones were shipped out to those who pre-ordered the two handsets earlier. The Samsung flagships have been available for purchase in home country South Korea since April 17 and consumers have complained of a red tint issue with the display.

Now, Galaxy S8 series users are facing more issues and consumers all over the world are complaining that there is a problem with the device’s wireless charging. Many users have shared on online support forums, including the Samsung Community, that the wireless charging functionality was causing problems.

The wireless charging problem

According to an owner who had just bought the Galaxy S8+, when tried using his wife’s fast wireless charger, it kept on showing charging paused. Many other users also reported they were encountering the same problem with the handset's wireless charging feature. The complaints suggest that Samsung’s old charging pads are not compatible with the latest devices.

A non-Samsung Adoptive Fast Charger doesn’t allow the fast charging option on the two flagships. The fast charging pads, which were launched mainly for the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ were specifically developed to allow fast charging. However, Samsung’s older wireless charging pad with the model number EP-PN920 is the only one which is allowing the users to charge their device.

Apart from this, any other third-party charging pads are displaying an error message on the smartphones, as well as an alert stating that the charging has been paused.

Other issues

This is not the first complaint from the Galaxy S8 series users. Many users also complained that the smartphones encountered a red tint on display.

However. Samsung assured users that an update would fix the problem.

Users have also complained about the placement of the fingerprint scanner on the handset. The fingerprint scanner has been placed near the rear camera of the smartphone, which is a departure from its placement on the home button. Many users have complained of accidentally bumping into the camera while trying to unlock the device.

Why are third-party chargers incompatible?

Post the battery exploding issue of the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung is treading cautiously. The company has possibly intentionally designed the flagship devices to be compatible with only original charging pads for wireless fast charging. A third-party charger or a knock-off may compromise the device and, therefore, Samsung has likely ensured they do not work in tandem with the new smartphones.