Samsung flagships Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ were released on the market a little more than a week ago. The smartphone duo have broken previous pre-order records from the company and have garnered positive reviews so far. However, smartphones incorporate numerous features, all of which may not be known to the user.

In order to help the user utilize the devices to the fullest, Samsung has uploaded a series of tutorial videos on YouTube to assist users. In total, the South Korean OEM has uploaded 11 videos to clue-in owners on the handsets’ features.

Apart from a general tutorial video, usage of specific features for the smartphone have also been explained in details under separate videos.

Are the tutorial videos helpful?

The first two videos in the list of eleven - Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ tutorial and samsung galaxy s8 and S8+: Tutorial Overview – explain the design, specs and overall features of the smartphones without drawing attention to any specific characteristic. The videos also shows the additional accessories that are shipped with the devices. The two videos also familiarize the user with the button placements on the screen and on the sides of the smartphone, mentioning the specific functions of each button, physical and touch alike.

The videos also point out the placement of the front and rear cameras, along with the placement of the rear Touch ID, iris scanner, and USB Type-C port. The Overview video focuses on four main factors of the flagships, namely design, Always-On-Display, Navigation Bar Setting, and Infinity Display. The two minutes five seconds long tutorial overview video touches on the nitty gritty’s of the above-mentioned aspects.

Galaxy S8 Videos explain the features

The other nine videos focus on certain features of the smartphones and explain how they work. Samsung with the help of these YouTube videos has tried to tutor the owner on how to use the Image and Play search feature, translation, basic gestures and multi-tasking among many others. The company also guides the user on the correct way to use the iris scanner and secure folder features for optimum security.

Samsung also uploaded tutorial videos to simplify the use of Samsung’s Gear VR in collaboration with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ smartphones. The last four videos in the list are dedicated to Gear VR and explain in detail the setting up of the device to a smartphone. Moreover, the videos also detail the basic gestures a user needs to master to use the functionality, along with a detailed knowledge of the VR controller.