New reports have been making rounds that Oneplus 5 will be released anytime soon. However, the speculations have not been confirmed even if it has been going on for several weeks. Today, a fresh leak suggests why there will never be a OnePlus 4 and what users should expect from OnePlus 5.

After the successful OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T last year, have you ever wondered why there is no OnePlus 4? It appears that unfortunately, the number when pronouncing it in Chinese, sounds like death. That is the reason why the company did not make One Plus 4.

Fast forward to today and rumors are going around regarding the release of their new flagship OnePlus 5.

If we based it on previous timeframes, the OnePlus flagship release is every June. And hopefully, Pete Lau, the company’s CEO will still choose the option to release it to market, not just keep it web based like he did with the first and second OnePlus.

One Plus photos leaked online

The upcoming OnePlus 5 phone reportedly has a dual-lens camera, which is placed horizontally while the phone's antenna line is reportedly the same as iPhone's antenna placement.

The speculations have arisen after a photo of the OnePlus 5 phone leaked onto social media.

Due to its near stock Android interface, flagship specifications that can be compared to the likes of Samsung and low pricing, it made OnePlus one of the few Chinese developed mobile brands that made it successfully to the U.S. and European shores. Many photos surfaced online claiming its fast approaching arrival.

There have also been questions as to whether it will have the dual lens or not. But whatever the new features are, fans are all excited for its release.

One debacle though, that is putting sad faces on its followers is the price. Rumor says that this will be the most expensive One Plus phone yet, which is contradictory to the company’s platform when it started. Many started to turn their eyes to One Plus because of its low cost.

But now that will be sacrificed in exchange for either ceramic back panels or a dual lens feature. One Plus 3T played around the $400 mark, so the new one might be around $500 or if a whopping $650.

The OnePlus 5 leaks keep getting stranger

Being one of the most talked about unreleased Android Vanilla phones, sneak peeks keep coming and coming. The most recent one was posted in China via Weibo. From the usual horizontal dual lens from previous leaks, this post suggests that it is going to be vertical like the iPhone 7’s. The Physical home button in this leak is also still going to be on the front.

Nobody can really confirm for now what it is going to look like. All we can do is to wait and hope for the best that its price will match what the phone can do. Consumers want value for money.

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