Fans and analysts alike were anticipating that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will be launched during the company's education-themed event. However, like everyone else, fans of the hybrid device were broken hearted after the event. The Redmond-based tech giant instead, introduced the Surface Laptop aimed to take on the Samsung Chromebook.

No such device?

Microsoft executive Panos Panay, in a recent interview, denied reports about the device. The executive even emphasized that there is no device with that name that exists in the company. He admitted that there have been plans to produce one but it might only happen after five years.

However, he also mentioned that there is a great possibility that a Surface Pro 4 upgrade could be revealed soon.

Aside from that, Panay also remarked that the current device on the market will still be efficient in the next five years. He added that the Redmond-based tech giant has made the device advanced and powerful enough to last for a long time. In other words, while everyone else expects that the next iteration of the Pro 4 is the 5, the company will not name it as such. Most likely will is an upgraded version of the device with more advanced specs and better features.

China event

For fans, the hopes of anticipating Microsoft Surface Pro 5 were recently revived when the company made an announcement about another event.

The next event that will center on the hardware products of the company will take place in Shanghai, China.

On Twitter, Microsoft's Vice President of devices, Panos Panay hinted at a potential product launch. He teased that something new from the Surface line will be unveiled at the company's China event. This hyped fans up.

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It is possible that the Redmond-based tech giant will launch the highly anticipated device but under a different name.

Possible specs and features

The next device that will succeed the Surface Pro 4 will most likely be a decent upgrade from the device's current version. Allegedly, it will run on Intel's 14nm Kaby Lake processor, the latest in the market.

The device will be available on the market with two or three possible configurations. The base variant will most likely run on a Core i5 processor. Reportedly, this will be available for sale at approximately $899. The other variants with higher specifications will have a Core i7 configuration. These devices are expected to be released with $999 and $1,599 price tags.