Microsoft is constantly improving its Windows 10 platform and releases periodic updates each year. The company announced the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update on the second day of the Build 2017 conference being held in Seattle. Arriving in fall 2017, the update will bring an array of improvements and new features to the Windows 10 platform.

What the Fall Creators Update will bring

First and foremost, the Fall Creators Update for Windows 10 will allow users to customize the user interface greatly by using light, depth, motion, and even the material available. This feature, which the company terms as the Microsoft Fluent Design System, has been created for scaling into 3D models and even touch controlled.

Another important feature that has been added is known as Microsoft Graph. Users will be able to connect Windows 10 devices to Android and iOS devices. This will basically allow users to continue performing tasks across all the platforms. For instance, if a user has been working on his Windows 10 PC and wants to continue doing that work on their iOS or Android handsets, they will now be able to do so. Using Cortana and Timeline, Microsoft says it has now worked out a way to ensure proper connectivity across all the devices.

A new application will also be added with the update. This app is a video making program, which allows users to create videos using pictures and even video clips and 3D projects can be undertaken. The application uses artificial intelligence to create the videos from the pictures like similar to what users had to manually create in iMovie.

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Other additions for developers

The update is also bringing certain features specifically for developers. The company announced that it would release the .NET Standard 2.0 for UWP and XAML Standard. The inclusion of the Xamarin Live Player would also mean that app developers for the iPhones can now build and test their apps easily. Microsoft also announced that Windows 10 is the only platform which can now run Windows apps and Linux apps simultaneously.

Microsoft said that it would also offer developers the luxury of creating their product using mixed reality. The update will come with the Windows MR and creators will be able to use it to create VR content per their liking. Microsoft also announced that it would sell MR headsets in the United States and Canada. The Acer headset will retail at $299 while, the HP headset will be sold for $329. Developers can also use motion controllers which will be bundled along with a headset at a price of $399. Developers can pre-order their headsets now and will receive them by the end of summer.