On the 16th of May this month, Instagram announced that it is introducing face filters on its Platform. This feature will allow the company to compete with other platforms such as Snap Chat. Adding more features on its platform will enable users to have more fun while on the platform, it is also a way of ensuring innovation on the platform. There will now be eight face filters on the Instagram platform. Users just have to simply open the camera and tap on the face icons at the bottom of the right corner. The filters will work for both photos and videos.

Other features that have been added

Instagram has also added a feature that will allow users to play the videos they have uploaded to the platform in reverse. Another feature the company refers to as hashtag feature has also been added. The feature allows users to add content directly to a photo. To use this feature, users just have to tap the sticker icon at the top right of the screen, select and customize the hashtag of their choice.

This feature will allow followers to tap on the hashtagged photo and visit the hashtag page that will contain other photos with posts that are related. The other feature that has been added on Instagram is an eraser brush when one is using drawing tools. Users can use the eraser to erase what they have drawn as well as be able to use the eraser to play around with color.

The eraser can be utilized in both photos and videos. Users can paint their picture and use the eraser to reveal some parts of their photo such as their face. This four new features will make it fun to be on the platform for users.

On May the 5th of this year, Instagram introduced a handful of stickers that will help school leavers in several nations around the world to celebrate the end of the school year.

The stickers can also be used for prom and graduation pictures.

A brief history of Instagram

Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform. It is six years old and is available in 33 languages. On the 26th of last month, Instagram announced that there are 700 million Instagram users on its platform. The site had only one million registered users in December 2010.

The company does not hold any proprietary rights of photos, videos, and other items uploaded by users on the site. 68% of users on the site are female, 32% are male. 90% of their users are under 35 years old.

The site, however, is not free of controversy, in the year 2013, a BBC investigation revealed that the platform is being used for illegal drug trade. The investigation showed that drug dealers were posting photos of drugs they were selling and finalizing their transactions with potential customers through messaging applications such as WhatsApp. On March 2016 The Daily Star reported that one million photographic films could be viewed on Instagram.