Ahead of any official announcements from Lenovo, the company's entire lineup of products for 2017 has now been leaked. A photo was recently posted online that shows the company's entire planned catalog of smartphones. The lineup includes different products catering to different markets, from low-end budget Android devices up to its high-end Moto G series products.

Affordable offerings

As revealed in the leak, Lenovo will be offering some new Moto C-series devices that are labeled as "Essentials" product line.

Two new models will be introduced, namely a standard Moto C smartphone with a 5-inch FWGA display that has a 480x854 pixel resolution and a larger Moto C Plus model with a 5-inch HD display.


Based on the low-end specs, the device will likely be priced quite competitively and will be a great option for those looking for a cheap and no-fuss Android device.

The same goes with the new Moto E-series offering, which will also include two models, namely the Moto E and the E Plus. The smartphones are being tagged by the company as its "Value" line of products. The devices sport some decent specs including full HD displays and a 2.5D curved glass and even a fingerprint sensor.

Mid-range choices

Those with a little bit more to spend will have a myriad of options thanks to the new products in the Moto Z and Moto X series. Lenovo will be offering two new Moto Z variants, namely the Moto Z Play and the Z Force.

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The Moto Z Play will be packing some decent specs along will full Moto Mods support and a larger battery. The Z Force, on the other hand, will have a Shatter-Shield screen and full gigabit LTE capabilities.

Unlike the other offerings, Lenovo will only be releasing one variant for its Moto X series. The new model, which will reportedly be called the Moto X4, will be coming with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 chipset paired with 4 GB of RAM. The device will also be coming with an IP68 water and dust proof certification, a fingerprint sensor, and "AI integration."

Moto G5 successors

As per the leaked image, Lenovo will be offering two new premium devices in the Moto G series. The company recently launched the Moto G5 and the G5 Plus earlier in the year, but it seems like they will immediately be following that up with new models. The next generation flagships will be the Moto G5S and the G5S Plus. The devices are revealed to sport high-end specs that include full HD displays and dual rear camera setups.