huawei's first Windows 10 Laptop dubbed the MateBook failed to sweep gadget freaks off their feet, as it missed the mark on several levels. But clearly, the Shenzhen-based tech firm is undeterred, marking its return with a trio of new laptops that not only aims to amend the company's rundown reputation as far as computer offerings are concerned, but also take care of problems linked with its original offering.

Huawei's new MateBook: What's in store?

It's no secret that the original MateBook was not spared from flaws; however, Huawei's MateBook X is expected to make users forget issues they had with it by offering an array of jaw-dropping specifications and features.

The 13-inch Windows 10 ultraportable flaunts a classic aluminum clamshell form factor in style, rather than going in for a 2-in-1 configuration.

Under the hood, it packs Intel Core i5 and i7 processors instead of employing a feeble Core m series. Multiple sources claim it can last up to 10 hours, even when a user is watching 1080p video on a single charge. Furthermore, the device offers a multimedia experience that is nothing short of fascinating, courtesy of the Dolby Atmos-enhanced surround-sound system.

Moreover, the MateBook X sports a 13-inch display with 3:2 aspect ratio at 2K resolution. It has a 4.4mm bezel; however, it is not a touchscreen. Tech buffs will be able to choose between a couple of storage options including a 256GB and 512GB SSD (solid-state drive).

The device's power button also functions as a Windows Hello-compatible fingerprint reader. It will be available in 4GB and 8GB variants, which isn't out of the ordinary. Nevertheless, since the MateBook X is considerably compact, 8GB should be more than enough as far as an average user is concerned.

The MateBook X has two USB-C ports -- one is used for charging, while the other comes in handy while transferring data.

To further facilitate the transition, Huawei will be including a MateDock 2.0 USB-C dongle in the box in select markets, which comprise a regular USB Type-A port, HDMI, DVI, as well as a second USB-C port to assist in the process of pass-through charging.

Despite bearing a striking resemblance to Apple's MacBook, the MateBook X boasts a skinny profile and is also quite light weight.

The device sports glistening chrome edges and is up for grabs in pink and blue color options. While details about the aforesaid devices are quite hard to come by, various reports suggest the MateBook X will not feature a fan and will boast a splash-proof screen. Also, it will feature a combined power and fingerprint sign-on button. The device is said to come bearing a price tag between EUR 1,399 and 1,699, which converts to about $1,570-$1,900.

Three new Windows PCs from Huawei

Huawei launched a couple of other products as well in the form of the Matebook E and Matebook D. The MateBook E seems to bear a striking resemblance to the first MateBook. It has a kickstand placed on its keyboard cover that facilitates more viewing angles than its predecessor.

It features a fully backlit keyboard, just three connectors rather than seven, and a brand new battery life of up to 9.5 hours.

The MateBook D, on the other hand, is a 15-inch multimedia laptop which boasts an aluminum alloy form factor. It offers support for Core i5 and Core i7 processors and packs Nvidia GeForce 940MX graphics, coupled with 2GB GDDR5 video memory, under the hood. It is backed by a 43.3Whr battery.

The new MateBooks are slated to start shipping this summer. The Matebook X will carry a starting price of €1,399 (about $1,569) while the Matebook E will start at €999 (about $1,120), and finally, the Matebook D will come bearing a starting price of €799 (about $896).