"Destiny" fans have a lot to be excited for this week, as the "Destiny 2" gameplay reveal is finally happening this Thursday. On top of that, Bungie is already gearing up to market the game and has even released the first Bungie Podcast since 2014 featuring game director Luke Smith, project lead Mark Newsworthy, and community manager Eric Osborne. As per Gamespot, the podcast is about 60 minutes long and features an awesome discussion about the upcoming game. In it, they also share that the developers are already playing at home.

Bungie developers already sampling the game

According to "Destiny 2" game director Luke Smith, they already have the entire game on a private test realm, which they are able to play at home. This ability to play with the upcoming game has helped inspire them to work on it further ahead of its September release. He admitted, "That actually becomes pretty motivating to get back to work, because you can see, so clearly, inspiration n things that are going amazingly. And you can also see so many opportunities. We're not done. We've got plenty of work in front of us."

There is much work to be done ahead of the "Destiny 2" gameplay reveal, as well as the release of the game itself this fall. There will be demos and tests, but the team is definitely ready to take it to the finish line.

Smith said that getting to these last stages in the development process has become like "a birth, basically...we're just going to get to a place where we have to push."

First, look at 'Destiny 2' happening on Thursday

The upcoming "Destiny 2" gameplay reveal is set for this Thursday, May 18, which will be live streamed on Bungie's website.

According to VG247, the event will be held in Los Angeles, where invitees will be treated to a keynote at 10 a.m., as well as a demo. Several YouTube creators have been invited to the event, which will not limit attendees to capture restrictions, meaning they'll be able to post as many details as they'd like on their respective YouTube or social media accounts.

'Destiny 2' may feature new SMG weapon

One of the things that fans have been clamoring for in the "Destiny" sequel is the SMG weapon type or submachine gun weapon type. Ahead of the "Destiny 2" gameplay reveal, some fans have taken upon themselves to scrutinize the teaser video Bungie posted on the game's official Twitter account. In it, one of the heroes is holding a new weapon that looks a lot like an SMG weapon. There's no confirmation about this yet, but the possibility of a new weapon class will most likely be confirmed this Thursday. "Destiny 2" will arrive at PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 this September 8.