In the last quarter of 2016, "clash of clans" players were in a frenzy as an alleged leaked update pertaining to a shipwreck made the rounds on the internet. During that time, most players were expecting Supercell to release a statement about said leak, and some even waited excitedly for the new update to roll out. Months have come and gone and not much has been revealed about the shipwreck update. However, it seems like Supercell has finally heeded the clamor for a new updates for "COC." In fact, a new ad from the game developers featured some notable characters from the mobile game in an amusing short video.

It has been a while since Supercell released a major "Clash Of Clans" update. While there were minor "COC" updates released in the first quarter of 2017, they were more focused on game balance and technical tweaks. Players are clamoring for new content, and new characters -- basically, a comprehensive update that will bring new challenges.

Biggest 'COC' 2017 update to be rolled out soon

According to reports, Supercell has targeted May 16-May 18 as the time window for the next update. Two short videos have been released, and players are very excited to navigate through the new features and items of the shipwreck update. Aside from being able to get across big bodies of water, the "Clash Of Clans" shipwreck update will reportedly allow players to navigate and manage multiple villages.

This is the first time for "COC" to adapt this kind of game feature and some gamers have noticed that the newest update is leaning toward "Boom Beach."

'COC' shipwreck update to feature new characters

While the game developers have pretty much kept silent on the possible arrival of new characters, players already have their own predictions that with possible new villages to navigate, there will also be new characters to manage as well.

If this speculation is true, it will be a great addition to the "COC" family since it has also been a while since the game introduced new characters.

Meanwhile, the "Clash Of Clans" thread on Reddit is also very active. The shipwreck update for "Clash Of Clans" is expected to solidify and strengthen the mobile game's staying power against the competition, which includes games like "Pokemon GO."