The latest "Call of Duty: World War 2" trailer is already out, however, details are scarce aside from the obvious fact that it is massive, and will have its traditional hefty-budget production. We have provided below a rundown of what we have gathered about the game.

Trailer and the official reveal

Currently, there is only one trailer, which is also the same one that unveiled the game in April 2017. The trailer showed that the new game still maintains its original approach that players have grown to love on its World War II installment. The game trailer also revealed some "Band of Brothers" take in the next game.

Nazi Zombies

The latest "Call of Duty: World War 2" will not only introduce a regular kind of Zombie, instead its Nazi zombies. The zombies are basically from the second world war, which can be seen from several promotional materials that were previously released.Studio Head and Co-Founder of Sledgehammer, Michael Condred, the co-operative mode of the game will feature a unique storyline. It is an all new approach on Nazi Zombies that the developer thinks the fans will enjoy.

From his statement, we can infer that it will still be a co-op mode. Another point is that its an all-new take on the infamous zombies. It can be recalled that these zombies were first featured in the World at War installment of the game, and most likely the most proximate thing that we can reference with for now.


Details about the game's multiplayer are very limited and more information will be revealed most likely during the E3 2017. For now, the multiplayer of "Call of Duty: World War 2" will have Headquarters. It appears to be a Destiny-type of the social area that will allow players to flaunt their levels of awards and prestige.

It is described as a robust social place.

Aside from the Headquarters, another mode is the Divisions. As per Activision, it will involve immersing players in the journey of getting enlisted in the world's historical war. There are choices for this mode, which will include Infantry and Armored Divisions. For now, no additional details was revealed about these.

However, the Armored Division might potentially have vehicles play a major role.

Moreover, another mode in the multiplayer is the War mode. This resembles more like that of "Battlefield 1's" Operations.This is described as massive in scale and has immersive combats reliving real war battles. In this mode, the gameplay is a team effort and breaks between Allies and Axis.

The "Call of Duty: World War 2" is set to release on November 3, 2017. The game will be available on all platforms. If you would like to pre-order, you can choose the standard editions for Xbox One, PS4, and PC or the Pro Editions for Xbox One and PS4.