In video game news, an extremely rare Sony/Nintendo prototype has come alive after noted console modder Ben Heck borrowed it. It is being speculated that this could be the only one of these prototypes in existence. There has also been new details revealed about Electronic Arts' next game in their popular "Need for Speed" franchise. The game will be the third in the series developed by Ghost Games.

What is this prototype?

Back in 1988, Nintendo and Sony teamed up to create a disc-reading accessory for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

It was called the Super Disc or SNES-CD, but it never saw the light of day. Nintendo decided that it would rather work with Philips instead. Sony ended up taking the Super Disc and used it as a prototype for what would become the PlayStation in 1994.

Fast forward to 2015 and someone on Imgur posted a picture of the Sony/Nintendo prototype they found in their dad's junk box. It turns out that the picture was the real deal, as the poster let console modder, internet celebrity and filmmaker Ben Heck borrow it. After months of working on the machine, which he fully documented on his YouTube Channel, "The Ben Heck Show," he got it to work. It now can recognize all proper inputs and play disc-based games.

Details on the next 'Need for Speed'

With it having been a year-and-a-half since the last major installment in the long-running action-racing franchise, new information has finally been revealed about the next game in the series. Developer Ghost Games has given gamers a few new details about the latest game, along with a cryptic teaser image.

Ghost Games mentioned that cops would be returning, as they are a staple in the series. They added that cops should be even more of a challenge now with the help of new vehicles like the RHINO.

They said that the open world style from "Need for Speed" (2015) would be returning and that the world would be getting bigger. Not only will gamers race on the street, but also on the dirt.

It was also emphasized that customization would be sticking around in the latest game, with it playing as strong a role as ever in this game and in future titles.

Finally, Ghost Games confirmed they would be ditching the always online aspect of the previous game. The full single-player experience will be able to be played completely offline if a gamer chooses to do so. The ability to pause the game will also be back, after not being in the two previous titles.