EA continues to add new content through add-ons and the latest one is the “Bowling Night Stuff” patch. Its addition offers Simmers the chance to experience things around the bowling alley. That includes playing or even using the place to meet new people or even build new relationships.

What Bowling Night Stuff offers

Similar to previous add-ons to “The Sims 4,” the bowling-themed add-on brings in a lot of new items for players to check out. It is, however, the chance to put up a bowling alley which most will be interested in, something that can be placed on commercial or residential lots.

After the location for the bowling alley is determined, players move on to designing the place with the proper furniture. This can be done through the usual build and buy options of the game which should keep life-simulation players busy.

The design part could be tricky, particularly for the ones who are not into bowling. Similar to how some design homes, the ultimate design may eventually depend on how creative a player is.

Other Add-Ons compatible

The beauty about the new add-on for “The Sims 4” is that it is flexible. For those up-to-date with the latest releases, EA has had a couple of other expansion like “Vintage Glamour Stuff” and “City Life.”

This means that Simmers don’t have to rely on the “Bowling Night Stuff” alone.

Browsing through those other add-ons could offer better furnishings, broadening the possibilities of a better bowling alley design.

Once the design part is settled, seeing your Sims bowl may be nothing more than another chance to go out and be with fellow Sims. It seems to be more of another recreation place rather than something players can take up professionally.

The best one can look forward to is building the Sim’s mood and reactions each time they hit a strike.

Regardless, it is another dimension added to the life-simulation game. With most looking for more things to do, this is the latest one they can get their hands on. It may not be extravagant but will have to do as EA tries to jack up interest for the game.