Blizzard Entertainment’s plans of resurrecting the “Starcraft” franchise came with a bit of a twist after it was announced as being free to download. As one would expect, millions wanted to get a hold of the game even if this was only a remastered version.

And since it is free, should have made sure that their servers could accommodate the large influx of downloads for the iconic strategy game that first came out in 1998. Failing to address that issue, there are reports flying in that downloading the free version of “Starcraft Remastered” will be hard to come by.

Everyone loves a freebie

With the pains of downloading the free version of “Starcraft” and “Brood Wars,” all gamers can do is wait. Some could do the traditional hit-and-miss, hoping they can download the offer with tons of luck. Either way, gamers will try frequently to get a hold of the game. Depending on what a player fancies, the best bet would be to go after the “Starcraft: Brood Wars” seeing as it does have more features than the original “Starcraft” title.

What changed in 'Starcraft Remastered'?

The first thing that Blizzard Entertainment did was to make sure that the game was compatible with the latest Windows OS. Most are now on Windows 7 so the developers made some tweaks to make gameplay run smoothly.

For those who played the original version, you no longer have to resort to the celebrated ALT+TAB route to switch between windows. A windowed full screen and windowed mode have been added, meaning folks can now multitask better. All one has to do is press ALT+Enter.

'Starcraft' cheats addressed

There were some cheats working on the 1998 version of “Starcraft,” though they will no longer work on the remastered edition.

This means that folks who intend to play the game online will no longer have the same sort of leverage. Aside from the elimination of cheats, folks who play the game on local area networks (LAN) can expect smoother gameplay. Blizzard has improved gameplay responsiveness during multiplayer by increasing turn rate to match LAN speeds over

Though the game has been seemingly forgotten, expect a lot of folks to try the “Starcraft Remastered” version out. It is still a game worth playing, especially the skirmishes from the multiplayer route. Whether it be online or via local area network, the name of the game is applying strategy. Some do the rush tactic (will “Zergs” still be the best?”), building up defense before attacks (“Terrans”), or buying time for minerals before creating havoc (“Protoss”).