Nintendo will follow up the Nes Classic with a mini version of the SNES, Eurogamer reports. According to a source close to the company, the Snes Mini is likely to be called the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System and will replace the recently discontinued NES Classic.

“Development of the device is already under way, our sources have indicated,” the publication writes. Withholding the identity of the source, the publication notes that the SNES mini is one of the reasons why the NES Classic had been cancelled.

The NES Classic wasn’t meant to be permanent

Nintendo explained last week that it was never meant to be a mainstay, adding that the microconsole was merely intended as last year’s holiday offering.

The Classic was the best recourse to get new gamers acquainted with Nintendo’s old library of games, but the company didn’t expect the overwhelming response, which is also the reason why it suffered from supply issues at stores and online retailers.

The NES mini showed what a ravenous appetite there is for machines capable of conjuring memories of childhood for legions of older gamers. Shipments for the NES mini continued into the early part of 2017, but its production run had been fairly impossible for the company to extend. What fans apparently didn’t know is that the company was getting ready for SNES mini to invade the market.

What to expect

Like the NES Classic, SNES mini’s successor could appear with a replica design of one of its earlier versions. The device is expected to connect to TVs using an HDMI port, which will allow users to get a load of digital games bundled with the console.

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However, there’s no way of knowing which titles Nintendo might offer, at least for now.

The console came with some of the best RPGs at the time of its first launch, such as “Secret of Mana” and “Chrono Trigger.” Other games to watch out for include “Super Mario World,” “Super Mario Kart,” “Super Metroid,” “Star Fox” and “Earthbound.”

What would be an improvement for the launch of the SNES Classic is its availability. Surely, the gaming giant wouldn’t want supply issues to ruin the whole thing for fans, would they? Another thing fans are hoping will come with the upcoming console is longer cables on the controllers, as well as standard USB connections as opposed to the Wiimote port.

Nintendo will reportedly release the SNES Classic Edition for the holidays this year, and it’s possible that the company has learned its lesson about the demand for these classic consoles.