One of the easiest way to get ahead of other “Pokemon Go” players may have just been eliminated with most claiming that Gps Spoofing tactics are no longer working. Third party apps are no longer useful as before though it may not be blamed on Niantic entirely.

With most mobile devices getting iOS and Android update, the new patches could be (partly) to blame as well. If true, Niantic could be snickering at the moment since they finally get some reinforcement to force augmented reality players to play fair.

Time to play fair

Cheating is a given in any game, “Pokemon Go” included.

While some do it out of fun, others take it seriously to the dismay of fellow players and of course Niantic. The company has tried its best to address the exploits done by wise gamers, singling out how cheating affects the game servers and other gamers as well.

At first, most decried the elimination of the third party apps. Most singled out the lack of features from within but Niantic has since addressed the problem. One of the high-profile complaints included the in-game map, something that has since been addressed.

But like any other game, Niantic can do so much. The last thing they would do is make the game too easy, eventually resulting in gamers walking away. Despite the outcry, the stomp on the use of third-party apps should force true gamers to play the game the way it should be.

Niantic still has a long way to go

While the elimination of GPS spoofing on “Pokemon Go” is music to the ears of Niantic, it also pushes them to a corner. Game crashes still occur, and most feel the in-game GPS could still improve.

A lot depends on how deep a player is when it comes to pinning down the pocket monsters. With tons of new Pokemon out there to catch, most will now have to rely on their feet to pin down the critters - meaning more travel and exercise.

Apparently, the initial intent (which is technical "to go") is something that current players have swayed away from.

Since it came out, that seemed to be the actual purpose of playing “Pokemon Go.” The rise of third-party apps somehow spoiled all that, and now most want to play the game as easy as possible.

With cheats slowly dwindling, some gamers may quit the game or stay on and take Niantic up on its pocket monster-hunting challenge.

The augmented reality company has no apparent hold on that though it does give them a better picture of who are playing the game as it should be and who are simply out there to cheat their way to the top.