Arkane Studios and Bethesda Softworks have finally now released a playable demo for their upcoming first-person reboot video game, "Prey." The demo, called "Prey Demo: Opening Hour," will give players a glimpse of the title's gameplay, mechanics, and overall look. Unfortunately, Windows Pc gamers will have to take a back seat on this one as the demo is only available for consoles, namely on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

First few missions

The demo itself gives players access to the very first few missions within the game. In it, players will be able to choose the gender and look of the game's main protagonist, Morgan Yu.

The first act of the game will put players in the role of the scientist who is stuck on the moon-orbiting space station "Talos I." Scientists on board the space station are currently researching a hostile alien entity known as the "Typhon."

Trouble in space

Due to several circumstances, the aliens manage to escape confinement and are now killing everyone on board the space station. Morgan is then tasked to prevent the aliens from reaching Earth, while also attempting to evade the ruthless creatures. The game itself is presented as an open world video game, which means that players will have the freedom to choose how they should progress through the game. Several key items and abilities will have to be gained or unlocked in order to proceed with the main storyline.

Why there isn't a PC version

Bethesda recently released a statement to Polygon when they were asked why there wasn't a PC version of the demo.

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The publisher responded by saying that the team at Arkane Studios is still pretty much busy optimizing and finalizing the PC version, which meant that they weren't really able to create a demo for it in time. PC versions are of course notoriously hard to perfect when compared to their console counterparts. Arkane likely wants to make sure that the PC version would be delivered without any problems for the game's release next month.

Those who don't really want to download the demo can instead check out the first hour of gameplay in the video below:

Full game out next week

“Prey Demo: Opening Hour” is currently now available to download and play. PlayStation 4 gamers will need 13.6 GB of free space to download the game, while Xbox One players will need 13.1 GB. The full game is set to be released next week, on May 5 for the consoles and for Windows PC. Unfortunately, Bethesda has confirmed that saved games will not be carried over to the full game, which means that players who will try out the demo will have to start over again when the complete game arrives.