Pokemon GO” has already undergone major changes but there are more to come. Niantic CEO John Hanke revealed some of the company's plans when he spoke at the Mixed Reality Summit during the London Games Festival.

Speaking alongside a panel, Hanke shared interesting points about the game which players should take note of. This includes the upcoming new features for “Pokemon GO,” aside from the long-awaited Pokemon Trading and player vs. player options which have yet to be seen. The most notable feature is cooperative gaming where the foundation is already in the current version of the game.

Will Co-op gaming work?

Players are used to venturing out in the wild and capturing pocket monsters alone. But there could be future instances where one player may not be able to capture the critters. The first thing that comes to mind are the Pokemon Legendaries like Mewtwo or even Zapdos which most believe will require a group effort.

These rare pocket monsters are hypothetically believed to be coming out only during special events. Players will need advanced artillery, but adding them to one's Pokedex may require the effort of multiple players.

65 million log-ins the reason for game server issues?

"Pokemon GO" players have been complaining about crashes and erratic performance for the past months.

One reason could be the return of old players to check on the new stuff Niantic has injected into the augmented reality game.

John Hanke revealed startling numbers that the game has had 65 million players logged in each month. It speaks well for Niantic and its hit mobile game. But some are curious if Hanke and his group have any plans of upgrading the game servers for better performance moving forward.

Aside from the new features and the startling player numbers, Hanke also set the record straight on other matters. This included the fate of Unity 3D which Hanke assured was there to stay. From here, another advanced feature came to mind -- the integration of virtual reality.

With most games applying some sort of VR tecnology, most want to know if Niantic has something like that planned.

Nevertheless, John Hanke obviously has a lot planned with the game development team busy carrying out the changes. Since debuting in July, "Pokemon GO" has weathered challenges from rising game titles like "Super Mario Run." There are more to mention but it is good to know that Niantic is thinking ahead.