For “Pokemon Go” players, the focus right now is Easter on April 16. Niantic has yet to announce any plans though most gamers believe there will be one. There could be new pocket monsters in the mix, special items and more.

Easter Egg possibilities

Seeing how the season is associated with Easter eggs, players could be in for something special. There were suggestions of specially designed eggs before. They could come from PokeStops, a daily itinerary for done by most AR players.

Some are hoping to get non-Egg-related stuff like incubators, something that has happened before.

It could be possible but perhaps for limited use. There are those wishing for infinite-use incubators, something unlikely to happen due to revenue-related aspects.

Limited time and uniquely designed eggs could be possible, something that most may opt to hatch immediately or keep for their collection. It could be a short time feature where hatching could be different too. Would that include rare Pokemon?

Rare Pokemon hatching possibilities

Each time Niantic holds an event, most will be on the prowl for new pocket monsters in the mix. Most saw the ones like the shiny “Magikarp” and “Lapras” during the “Pokemon Go Water Festival” so seeing something similar could happen.

Most have been waiting for the likes of “Mewtwo” and “Zapdos,” rares that John Hanke claims out there.

Seeing them appear this Easter may be pushing it a bit too much but not impossible.

But on the realistic side, there are several rare Pokemon who could crop up. Among the possible critters include “Delibird,” “Smeargle,” “Unown,” and “Hondour.” Most may have come across these pocket monsters for the first time, making their possible coming all the more exciting.

With over a week to go, “Pokemon Go” players are closely monitoring Niantic for any announcement. Most are still busy collecting the 80 new creatures from the Gen 2 update, something that slowed down a bit with the recent Water Festival event.

Also, it will be interesting if tweaks have already been made to game servers. Since Niantic rolled out the Gen 2 version, “Pokemon Go” has been suffering from game server issues and crashes. If something does go down this Easter, most are keeping fingers crossed for worry-free gameplay.