Niantic recently launched a new “Pokemon GOEaster Event called Eggstravaganza. One of the best part of this latest event aside from massive XP and Candies is the ability to hatch a wider range of rare type pocket monsters from the 2KM eggs. Thanks to Silph Road, trainers will now be able to know which creature are currently hatching from 2km including rare ones.

All Pokemon hatching in 2KM

Reddit user DeViliShChild has revealed the names of creatures that can be hatched at this range. This includes Aerodactyl, Dunsparce, Eevee, and Elekid. Creatures like Girafarig, Grimer, Growlithe, Koffing, and Lapras can also be hatched in this range.

Other monsters hatching in 2km radius are Larvitar, Magby, Miltank, Onix, and Phanphy.

Aside from those, Rhyhorn, Scyther, Shellder, Shuckle, and Skarmory can also be hatched in the said range. Creatures like Smoochum, Sneasel, Stantler, Sudowoodo are also hatching in this radius. Moreover, Tangela, Tyrogue, Wobbuffet, and Wooper can also hatch here.

Noticeably, the ultra-rare Larvitar can now be hatched from a 2 km egg. However, there are several reports now that the creature has dried up and some claims that it was probably due to some glitch. Aside from Larvitar, pocket monsters like Stantler, Shuckle, and Sudowoodo hatching is very appealing.

Generation 2 starters hatching from 5 km eggs

For trainers who are not satisfied with the extensive expansion brought by the event, there is another surprise too.

Generation 2 Johto creatures in “Pokemon GO” are now hatching from 5 km eggs. Monsters like Cyndaquil, Chikorita, and Totodile are reported hatching in 5 km. As of this writing, it is still unconfirmed whether this recent progress is brought by the recently rolled out Eggstravaganza or a part of the of the update to the game’s code.

Whatever is the case, it is still great news for players who have long been waiting for progress such as these since Generation 2 Johtos are not hatching at all.

Time stamped

In the game, players will notice that the eggs come with a time stamp upon receiving them and not when you are hatching them. In other words, any 2 km egg received before 4 PM ET on Thursday, April 13 will follow the old egg list and not the recent one.

The same rule applies to 5 km Generation 2 Johto eggs.

Details to remember

The “Pokemon GOEggstravaganza will last until April 20, 2017, at 4 PM Eastern Time. We will be publishing more articles in relation to the latest event as well as new updates for the game itself.