SEGA rolled out another update for "Phantasy Star Online 2, " and it is the best one yet. First, some NPCs are added to the game, which will dish out new quests for players until June 7. These two new yet notable characters come from the Gurhal System. They are Laia Martinez and Lumia Waber. Their quests mostly involve field explorations that require their presence. Once players clear these quests, they acquire their partner cards, which can be used indefinitely, depending on the quest conditions.

Also, the recent update includes new costumes, accessories, hairstyles, faces, and more.

The best one yet is the addition of Beast race fashion. This also includes Nagisa's corsage and brooch, as well as the existing hairstyle and costume. Laia's costume and Lumia's can be bought from other players or obtained through the AC scratch.

Possible coming of the Beast race

SEGA's update does include not only costumes from notable characters in Gurhal but also other costumes under the set called "Animal Promenade." This includes animal-type costumes in the forms of rabbit, lion, cat, and more. Lobby actions are added as well such as playing with cats using a teaser.

Last year, the Gurhal collection 2 included Vivienne's and Helga's costumes as well as accessories to complete it. Now, the main focus of the recent update, Gurhal collection 3 is the Beast-type class that is present in the Gurhal System.

This may note another upcoming class for "Phantasy Star Online 2." However, it all depends on SEGA. The online PC game is alive and still functions throughout the years of updates and polishing. Now, numerous players are playing the game, create bonds, and establish connections during quests.

Shizuru Shu's costume is included as well

Surely, fans of "Phantasy Star" series know who Shizuru Shu is. He is a powerful villain from "Phantasy Star Portable 2," who was possessed by an evil Ancient King named Kamhan. Furthermore, the Battle Arena is updated with two new weapons, and these are the Bullet Bows and Jet Boots along with boosts that can be used in the game.

Boosts come in three, and these are "PP Unlimited," "Cure," and "Protection." The trailer of the updates can be viewed below:

New voices for players with new EQ

New voices can be obtained through the AC scratch as well, and these are the following:

  • Laia voice
  • Lumia voice
  • Kunoh voice
  • Vasque voice

The newest Emergency Quest (EQ) contains another exciting battle for players. Based on the video above, the EQ includes the boss named "Deus Esca." As always, the new boss will also bring new weapons from the Collection File. "Phantasy Star Online 2" has never been this fun.