Atlus USA has finally responded to the issue regarding Amazon canceling some preorders for its “Persona 5” Take Your Heart premium edition and SteelBook edition. The game indeed has a pretty outlandish plot, but gamers did not expect a bit of that outlandishness would affect preorders for PlayStation 4, which ended with emails labeling the contents of the product ‘dangerous.’

Atlus also managed to debunk rumors of mass cancellations being done ahead of the game’s official release. In a statement, the publisher said that it was shocked to know about the reported cancellations.

A rep for Atlus told Polygon that the team spent most of Friday talking to Amazon to find out why some orders had been canceled.

'Persona 5' does not contain dangerous goods, says publisher

"There’s nothing defective or ‘dangerous’ about our product," Atlus said. "Only a tiny number of Amazon sales have been affected. No ‘mass cancellations’ of the premium and SteelBook editions have occurred.” The publisher then encouraged customers to contact the support team of the retailer if their order has been terminated.

While both companies were in the process of correcting the issue, disgruntled customers vented their frustrations on forum sites like Reddit and NeoGAF. One customer said that an e-mail from Amazon indicated that the order needed to be “transported in a certain way to ensure that they are handled with care.”

On the other hand, gamers in a “Persona 5” subreddit said that Amazon had not canceled their orders and that their item is currently being shipped and will arrive as scheduled.

On Amazon’s horizon meanwhile, affected orders are being investigated and should receive updates via e-mail.

Preorders for 'Take Your Heart' premium: currently not available

Persona 5” is scheduled for an April 4 release both in North America and Europe. The SteelBook edition comes with a collectible case featuring characters from the game, available for $59.99. Take Your Heart includes a Morgana-plush, SteelBook case, hardcover art book, soundtrack CD, school bag and a collectible outer box. Unfortunately, it is currently unavailable on Amazon.