It isn't clear just yet how exactly the bug was first discovered, but an Italian website called AmiciApple recently uncovered a way to intentionally freeze iOS devices, including iPhones, iPads, and iPods. The bug is not really something to worry about as triggering it does require an intricate process of tapping on three locations at once. However, Ios Device users should still be made aware of it especially if they don't want to encounter unwarranted concerns when it does happen to them.

How to trigger the freeze

Unlike the previous text method of freezing an iPhone, the new trick requires physical access to the device.


The process of initiating the freeze involves bringing up the Control Center by swiping up and then simultaneously tapping on the three menu options. The freeze is triggered when the AirDrop Key, the Night Shift button, and one of the bottom buttons are pressed at the same time.

No lasting effects

The freeze itself is temporary, and there are no reported lasting effects after it is triggered. However, users should still be made aware of it as it may become a common prank that could potentially freak out a lot of people.

After the freeze is initiated, no amount of tapping will unfreeze it. After about 10 seconds, some phones will automatically restart due to the bug. If the phone or device doesn't restart automatically, users can initiate a forced reboot by pressing the Sleep/Wake button and the home button simultaneously for a couple of seconds.

iOS 10 glitch

Several publications have reported that the glitch is present on iOS 10.2 and all other versions that follow, up to iOS 10.3.2 beta 4. The glitch also works on several iOS devices that run these Operating System versions and is not limited to the iPhone.


Apple has not yet officially released a statement regarding the glitch, but it seems like they were not aware of it before it was accidentally discovered.

How to prevent it from happening

The newly discovered glitch seems to be directly related to the operating system's "Zoom" functionality. Enabling "Zoom" prevents the freeze from happening even when it is triggered correctly.

To enable "Zoom," users simply need to navigate to Settings, General, Accessibility and then toggle the "Zoom" switch to the "on" position.

This may be a good way of fighting of pranks from friends or at least until Apple officially patches up the glitch itself.