Despite the subjectively ugly design of the upcoming iPhone, based on the current leaks, there is no denying the fact that Apple will be ramping up its performance compared to the current generation flagships. The company has always strived to provide a significantly faster product year after year and the upcoming iPhone 8 is expected to be no different.

Leaked benchmarking results

A new benchmarking result that is allegedly for the upcoming iPhone 8 has just recently emerged out of China today.

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The leaked screenshot of the results seems to point to the iPhone 8 being a beast of a phone when it comes to raw performance. Apple previously teased that its new A11 processor will be miles ahead of its predecessor and the new leak only seems to confirm that claim.

Crunching the numbers

According to the leaked screenshot, the iPhone 8 apparently got a single-core score of 4,537. This is 30 percent higher than the score for the iPhone 7. The score is also more than twice as much as the score for the samsung galaxy S8, which only got 1,945 for the single-core test.

For the multi-core test, the iPhone 8 apparently got a whopping 8,975 score. This is 58 percent better than the iPhone 7 and 41 percent greater than the score of the Samsung Galaxy S87 Plus. It has to be noted that a higher score doesn't necessarily mean a better performing device as there are still a lot of factors that can bottle-neck or limit a processor's potential.

Leaked hardware details

Apart from the impressive single and multi-core scores, the leaked benchmarking results also revealed some details regarding the upcoming flagship's hardware.

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For one, the A11 chip is revealed to be a quad-core processor running at 2.74 GHz. In comparison, the A10 chips run at 2.34 GHz, which means that majority of the performance improvements can be attributed to the higher clocks. Additionally, the chips are revealed to sport 128KB of L1 cache.


Those that are excited to get their hands on the allegedly powerful new iPhone have to consider that screenshots like these are quite easy to fake. It wouldn't really take a lot of skill to edit these types of images, which means that there is still the possibility that all of the information provided could be fake. Nevertheless, if the results do turn out to be true then the next iPhone will likely blow away any of its competition, both those that are available and those that have yet to be released.